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August  22nd - 26th
At the Beautiful
in Estes Park, Colorado
* very limited spots available *

August Thursday the 22nd 4pm - Monday the 26th 12pm

@ YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park
2515 Tunnel Rd, Estes Park, CO

Only 10 Spots Left...

Join a small group of like minded wonderful women for this powerful and unforgettable experience!

Ann Rau

Master Art of Feminine Presence Teacher & Trainer, Coach, Speaker and
your Retreat Hostess  ;-)
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There is a sisterhood of women, who are empowering other women, having fun, changing the world, leading with their feminine, and making money doing it. They are becoming the women they always wanted to be.
Women are being called like never before to Show Up, Be Seen and Be Heard with their messages, gifts, and the full embodiment of their authentic selves.

Many are feeling pushed or driven to pursue a career or own a business, in addition to taking care of so many people around them which leads to overwhelm. They are busy, stressed out and find it hard to focus on themselves and their desires. They have disconnected from their feminine essence and their personal presence without realizing it. This affects everything. From being able to attract and keep a passionate lasting love, the state of our health, fulfillment in our work, and to the unfortunate situation of women competing against women everywhere.
Many of us are struggling to communicate effectively with our family and clients and often feel we are not being seen and heard the way we want.
  • Do you often find that your message isn’t landing with your potential or current clients?
  •  Are you often saying to yourself or your intimate partner during a discussion “why does this have to be so hard”?
  •  Do you find yourself saying to your family and friends “we are just not on the same page”?
  •  Do you desire to increase your income?
“In the pursuit of equality and power, many women have taken on a more masculine role. In their desire to be strong and independent, many women have shut themselves off from their softness, their sensuality, and the feminine energy that not only makes their lives more pleasurable and fulfilling, it gives them a radiant power—and is what men desire most. They have unwittingly closed down the ability to attract the healthy attention they want—from men and women—without even realizing they have done it.
There is yet another side to this coin. . .
In the pursuit of ‘spiritual awakening,’ and by placing emphasis on ‘being feminine’ and living a harmonious life, many women have cut themselves off from their desires and their ambitions. This often leads to living a less than courageous life, which is why so many women who are on a personal and spiritual growth path still feel like they have so many gifts inside them. They want to share what they have with the world and make a significant difference, but when they are honest with themselves, they are scared to step out in a larger way out of fear of judgment or overwhelm.”
 ~ Rachael Jayne Groover, creator of the Art of Feminine Presence®
I’ve been that woman who lost herself, that didn’t feel valued in her job or relationships. I was the person who everyone in my immediate family came to for help, support and to fix things. I was the one who gave and gave and got very little appreciation in return, only more expectations from them. In my jobs and careers I gave 150% all the time and was constantly undervalued, and felt unappreciated, unheard, like I was spinning my wheels and constantly being asked to do more. I was always looking for and wanting a meaningful, fulling intimate relationship and instead I found myself with men who only wanted me for my looks, who wanted to be taken care of and who weren’t interested in a commitment. Later on after I got married I ended up at a point in my relationship where I felt ignored, not desired by my husband, the intimacy was gone and trust had been compromised. Basically I was at a point where my life was falling apart.
I was that woman that you may think you are or who you know. That woman who was struggling to build a successful business working long hours and barely making ends meet. I found myself saying things like “If I could just get clear on what I want to do or If I just had a process to follow then I could be successful.” If I could find more time then I could get everything done that I need to … ect…”
I was stressed out. Felt overwhelmed. Unhappy. More often than not found myself feeling completely alone.
I longed for a passion filled intimate relationship with my husband. More close friends in my life. A thriving financially sound business. Basically the life I dreamed of living but thought was unachieveable.

I was at my breaking point and decided I couldn't continue the way I had been. I needed help with my business and my marriage. I signed up for a business and leadership program thinking this can help fix at least ONE of these things. In that program, I was introduced to practices that not only helped me to double my client base in less than a year, I also found an unshakable strength and confidence in myself that I didn’t know I had. One of the most important things I learned from the Art of Feminine Presence practices was how to handle stress in a way that prevented me from burning out and allowed me to connect with more people in my life on a deeper level. It is one of the main things that saved my marriage.
I want to share with you the powerful practices that have made such an impact on my life and I know if you are open and willing to do the work the way I was and am, can have just as big of an impact on your life.
If you answer yes to even one question below you know the impact that has on you, lack of energy, being overly self critical and judgemental, thinking you are not enough and can’t do it all, constantly questioning if you can be a good leader...
  • Does fear stop you from putting yourself ‘out there’ even though you desire to live larger?
  • Do you find yourself feeling so stressed sometimes that it causes you to numb out (watching netflix, surfing social media, etc.) but have a desire to share your work or message and end up feeling stuck?
  • Are you confused about sometimes attracting and sometimes repelling others?
  • Do you desire to attract a partner that you would want to spend the rest of your life with?
  • Do you want to increase the attraction, harmony, and intimacy in your long-term relationship and re-ignite the passion?
  • Do you feel like you are struggling to attract your ideal client and long to make the income that you desire?
Imagine your constant feeling of overwhelm is gone, your stress is reduced and you have energy to do the things you want and need to each day. You walk into any room, any time exuding confidence and glowing from the inside out. You have an amazing magnetic presence that makes you stand out from the crowd so you are seen and heard by the people you want to attract in your life both professionally and personally. You have more passion in your life, particularly your love life. And you are making the impact and income you desire!
How Would Your Life Change If You
  • Learn to stop people from draining your energy so that you would no longer feel exhausted at the end of your day.
  • Start to develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts the attention you want: personally and professionally.
  •  Start making more money and feel more successful.
  •  Start to reduce your feelings of overwhelm, increase your energy and reduce your stress.
  •  Discover what you’ve been missing on your personal and professional growth path that will help you go to the next level in your business and relationships.
  •  Join a community of like-minded positive women who are committed to their personal and spiritual growth.
This is not your average women’s retreat
We will not be spending hours on end sitting in circles discussing feminism or complaining about our lives.
We will also not be going into strategies of how to increase your income, get your intimate partner to act certain ways or implement better time management in your life.
This is all about direct experience, less talking more embodying. If you feel it’s time to stop saying “if only blank would happen then my life will be better” - or you are at your breaking point and are ready to make changes to go to your next level in business, as a leader, in your relationships - join us for a journey you’ll never forget.
The Art of Feminine Presence® is a cutting edge embodied training for women in the area of personal and spiritual development, communication, and leadership. You will be taken on a profound journey of awareness from what’s stopping you from moving forward’ to you showing up ‘authentically and fully’ soaring to the next level in your personal and professional life.
You will receive specific tools and practices to Stand Out, Lead with Confidence and Be Well Compensated.
The Retreat will kick off on the first day (Thursday) with Registration and Cocktail Reception that includes an official Welcoming, Meet & Greet and more at 4:00 pm (mst).
We will end on the last day (Monday) by 12:00 pm (mst).

During this Retreat you will learn to
Increase your magnetic presence and attract the attention you want: personally and professionally.
Receive More ATTENTION
Feel more comfortable with your sensuality and feel safer and more at ease when receiving attention.
Embody Your FEMININE
Access the most attractive force you have within you — your feminine essence.
Experience More PASSION
Open yourself to experiencing more passion in your life — particularly your love life.
Listen to Your INTUITION
Follow your body’s wisdom and “higher guidance” rather than always pushing to make things happen.
Increase Your CONFIDENCE
Look and feel more confident, healthy, and radiant when you walk into a room.
Be More at PEACE
Practice a powerful, moving meditation to easily access profound states of peace and love — even on the toughest days.
Tap into an endless source of creative power.
You will start to change your relationship with your fear and self-consciousness so it doesn’t stop you from moving forward. You will be able to hold an authentic confidence and reduce your self-consciousness, no matter what the situation.

Your income can increase. Why can I say that? Because a woman who has a magnetic presence and who can hold an authentic confidence no matter what, is seen as more valuable and more credible. If you are in business for yourself or want to be, that means you’ll attract more clients at a higher price. If you are working for someone else that means maximizing your opportunity for a pay increase or more opportunities for growth in the company.
Join us for this incredible experience!
This is for:
  • Leaders who are ready to make massive impact in their communities.
  • ​Women in business - coaches, consultants, healers, artists, writers and Entrepreneurs who are committed to their own growth and being an inspiration for change and love. 
  • ​Women who want to increase their income and attract more of their ideal clients 
  • ​Women who have been on a personal and spiritual growth path for a while but are finding themselves stuck and want the next step to help them go deeper into owning their potential. 
  • ​Women who want quality friendships, better relationships and to be part of a wonderful community of like minded women. 
  • ​Women who are ready to stop letting fear and anxiety hold them back and want to “go all in” on achieving their desires and making their vision a reality. 
This is NOT for:
  • Those who are content to stay saturated in overwhelm and who choose to repeat the same patterns
  • Those who refuse to acknowledge their 'blind spots' and fears
  • Those who are not willing to commit to showing up and fully participating even when it’s uncomfortable
  • Those who like to live comfortably in the status quo.
  • Those who are not willing to DO THE WORK
I work with a new generation of women who understand that the feminine principle is just as important as the masculine in business, relationships, and life and who want to be an inspiring example of a leader who is powerful AND feminine.
If you are feeling drawn to this, please don’t ignore the call. I hear from women all over the world saying things like “I knew I had to experience this work and it has been one of the most transformative things I have done for myself.”
I know it’s time, it’s money, it’s energy, and it’s driving an hour or more for some of you. I am a busy woman, so I get it. But if you are feeling like something is missing in your life, or if you are scared to take a leap in your life, or have just been searching for your next ‘growth experience’ or mentor . . .
Join thousands of women who have experienced Art of Feminine Presence®
Give yourself this gift. You won’t regret it.
Much Love & Support,
Art of Feminine Presence® Master 
Teacher & Trainer, 
Coach, Speaker and Health Enthusiast
Aren't Sure If This Is Right For You?   Have Questions?
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